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Merrillville Municipal Complex · 7820 Broadway · Merrillville, IN  46410
219-769-3820 · FAX: 219-769-3890

Destination: 7820 Broadway * Merrillville, IN 46410

Located inside Main Office
8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday
Closed 12noon-1p.m. daily for lunch


The Envirorooom is a unique classroom modeled after a wetlands environment with 10 ft. lilly pads, giant tree frogs and replications of a blue heron and dragon fly. The Enviroroom will submerge participants in an environment that will allow them to tune their senses onto environmental awareness. The Enviroroom can accommodate groups up to 30 at a time during programming. The Enviroroom programs focus on recycling and waste reducation. All programs are hands-on and FREE of cost for Lake County Indiana teachers, students, churches, clubs and organizations. For a program that will align with your current curriculum or educational objectives, please contact the educator directly for further details.

Registration for field trips opens April 23rd each year. If the 23rd falls on a weekend, registration opens the following Monday.

Registration closes August 1st each year. Schedule by FAX ONLY. Field trips begin no earlier than 10:00a.m. and students will load the bus for departure at 1:00p.m. Lunch facilities are available for groups to eat their sack-lunches.

Planet Protectors
GOAL: Learn the basic rules of recycling and understand the importance of recycling for your future and the planet.
Description: By solving puzzles and riddles, students will learn about the Earth’s natural resources and why we need to protect them. Activities also include a recycle relay, recreating the recycling process through role playing and examining unique reused and recycled-content products.
Target Age: Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades
Group Size: Maximum of thirty people

GOAL: Identify Earth’s natural resources and understand the importance of conservation. Learn how to establish waste reduction and prevention methods in your home, at work, and at school.
DESCRIPTION: Students challenge their team building skills by participating in a series of games and demonstrations, including a natural resources scavenger hunt, recycle relay, wacky waste audits, and an Enviro-shopping adventure.
Target Age: 3rd through 12th grades
Group Size: Maximum of thirty people

Squirmy Worms
GOAL: Learn the basic rules of composting, how to build a compost bin, and explore the wonderful world of worms.
DESCRIPTION: Students engage in a storytelling adventure of nature's tiny recyclers from garbage to gardens, while learning the fun facts of composting and worms. Using microscopes, students discover what lies beneath the banana peels, egg shells, and apple cores. Students will inch their way to becoming kings and queens of compost!
TARGET AGE: Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades
GROUP SIZE: Maximum of thirty people

Let It Rot!
GOAL: Understand the importance of waste reduction for a sustainable society. Discover the decomposition process of organic materials and calculate the most effective carbon/nitrogen recipe for your flower and vegetable garden.
DESCRIPTION: Students will conduct a microscopic investigation to identify the decomposers living in the compost. Collectively, students will build a compost bin for their classroom and develop carbon/nitrogen formulas for a fertile garden.
TARGET AGE: 3rd through 12th grades
GROUP SIZE: Maximum of thirty people
Paper Recycling
GOAL: Increase awareness of forest products and uses. Understand the process of recycling while learning how to turn your paper scraps into a wonderful work of art.
DESCRIPTION: Students will uncover the hidden life of a tree by performing tree-dating analysis. Students will create homemade envelopes and greeting cards to understand the distinction between reuse and recycle.
TARGET AGE: 2nd through 12th grades
GROUP SIZE: Maximum of thirty people

Crayon Recycling
GOAL: Students will list and observe states and properties of matter through a recycling activity that makes new crayons.
DESCRIPTION: Instead of throwing out old crayons, students will make them into new ones while demonstrating how interactions of energy and matter affect changes of state.
TARGET AGE: 2nd through 12th grades
GROUP SIZE: Maximum of thirty people

Hazards on the Homefront
GOAL: Students will learn how to identify and classify common household hazardous waste found in our everyday lives. Explore nontoxic, organic, and eco-friendly products.
DESCRIPTION: Using an enviroscape, students will observe the negative effects of improper HHW disposal. Examine a strange substance to learn more about the scientific method of identifying the unknown. Each student will make their own cleaning product by using all natural and safe products from the kitchen.
TARGET AGE: 3rd through 12th grades
GROUP SIZE: Maximum of thirty people



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