Who Governs the District?

The District is governed by a 27 member board pursuant to Indiana Code 13-21 et al. The business and affairs of the District are managed by persons listed below representing the Board of Directors. The Board is represented by one member appointed by the county executive from its membership; two members appointed from the county fiscal body appointed by its membership; the executive of each second or third class city; one member of the fiscal body of each town appointed by the fiscal body; one member of the legislative body of that municipality; and if a local government unit in the county had an operating final disposal facility located within the unit's jurisdiction at the time of establishment, one member of the unit's board of public works is appointed by the board of public works.

The board holds meetings generally on the third Thursday of alternating months at the Lake County Solid Waste Management District Office, 8695 Broadway, Merrillville, at 6:00 PM. The Board is responsible for approving all financial matters and creating and implementing policy and ordinances as needed to carry out the District's programs.

Cedar Lake:  Councilmember Nick Recupito

Crown Point:  Appointee Councilmember Robert Clemmons

Dyer:  Councilmember Jenna Ogrizovich

East Chicago:  Appointee Monica Gonzalez

East Chicago:  Vacant

Gary:  Appointee Councilmember Lori Latham

Gary:  Councilmember Michael Suggs

Griffith:  Councilmember Rick Ryfa

Griffith:  Councilmember Jim Marker

Hammond:  Appointee Councilmember Dan Spitale

Hammond:  Councilmember Bill Emerson

Highland:  Councilmember Tom Black

Hobart:  Appointee-Councilmember Mark Kopil

Lake County:  Commissioner Jerry Tippy

Lake County:  Councilmember Pete Lindemulder

Lake County:  Councilmember Christine Cid (Vice-Chair)

Lake Station:  Appointee-Councilmember Rick Long (Chair)

Lowell:  Councilmember Jon Yelkich

Merrillville: Councilmember Rhonda Neal

Munster:  Councilmember David Nellans

Munster:  Councilmember Chuck Gardiner

New Chicago:  Councilmember Brenda Swallow

St. John:  Vacant

Schererville:  Councilmember Robin Arvanitis

Schneider: Councilmember Kevin Gray

Whiting:  Appointee-Councilmember Tom Michniewicz

Winfield:  Councilmember Tim Clayton


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