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Program information for the Enviromobile and Field Trips for Summer 2021 and the 2021-2022 school year is now available.  We will be offering virtual and limited in person programs for Summer 2021.  It is our hope that we will be able to offer in person field trips in the fall, but virtual options will be available.  Registration opens on April 23, 2021.

We are working on converting as many of our programs as possible to virtual programs in order to continue to provide education.  Please call (219) 853-2420 and speak with one of our educators for available program information. 


Welcome to the Environmental Education Center!


Our building houses a classroom and 3 additional break-out areas for hosting your environmentally-themed field trip! Programs are free to Lake County, IN students and groups and can be tailored to meet the learning level of your group: ages preschool through adult. The EEC is also home to Indiana’s first Indoor Trout Stream where Rainbow Trout live and where you can learn about clean water management. We provide space for students to eat their packed lunches and provide a break afterwards to explore our 2-story tree slide. Teachers can also gather materials from the ReUZ Room during a field trip visit. The EEC is available to your group from 10 am – 1 pm. Please select 2 topics from the list below. Zero-waste lunch information and education is included with all groups bringing packed lunches. Registration opens April 23rd. If you do not plan to bring your lunches, you can also choose a shorter visit from 10 am – 11:30 am which includes a brief tour, 1 program and time to explore the tree slide.

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    GOAL:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink & Re-imagine! Learn to think outside the recycling bin!

    DESCRIPTION:  We'll talk trash and expand upon the original 3Rs. Students can get their hands on our reused- and recycled-content items. Stories, games and dances are varied according to learning level. We will review types of recyclable materials and strategize how to create less waste.

    TARGET AGE:  all learning levels


    GOAL:  Experience a fully-functioning indoor trout stream and participate in hands-on water management education.

    DESCRIPTION:  Activities are tailored developmentally and range from trout stream introductions to complex water quality testing.

    TARGET AGE:  all learning levels


    GOAL:  Follow the bike trial & visit George Lake which is located directly east of the center and learn the plants and animals that call this wetland home.

    DESCRIPTION:  A paved trail lined with wetland plants leads the group to several lookout points of the lake. Students discover names and interesting characteristics of a variety of plant species. (seasonal & weather-permitting)

    TARGET AGE:  all learning levels


    GOAL:  Raise student awareness of Indiana's Lake Michigan watershed and threats to water quality.

    DESCRIPTION:  Students view the newly created Lake Michigan water quality protection video: "Healthy Homes are Superheroes."  Teams compete playing a TRIVIA GAME following the video.  Household hazardous waste education, water quality protection and the recyclability of water are themes under this heading.  Can we learn to use less and keep the pollution out?  2 different versions of the "Healthy Homes are Superheroes" video are offered for K-4th or 5th + audiences and both promote water quality protection and stewardship. 

    TARGET AGE:  K-8th

  • ReUZ IT!

    GOAL:  Tour the EEC’s ReUZ Room and discuss the definition and benefits of reusing. DESCRIPTION: The educator gathers reusable materials from the ReUZ room and students make & take their re-imagined creations. Seasonal and holiday reuse crafts can be requested.

    TARGET AGE:  all learning levels


    GOAL:  Raise student awareness of Indiana's Lake Michigan watershed and threats to water quality.

    DESCRIPTION:  Students gain an understanding of watersheds, run off and point-source versus non-point source pollution.  Students view the newly created Lake Michigan water quality protection video: “When it Rains, it Pours!”  Following the video, students play a tablet game designed exclusively for the Environmental Education Center!  Watershed education is the focus of our programs under this heading.  2 versions of this short film are available for K-4th or 5th grade + audiences. 

    TARGET AGE:  K-8th


    GOAL:  Discover that the quantity and quality of pond life is a bio-indicator of the health of the pond.

    DESCRIPTION:  Using microscopes and pond water provided for each student, microorganisms are identified and indexed.

    TARGET AGE:  1st & up


    GOAL:  Help students identify the variety, diversity and function of wetlands in current ecology.  Understand the relationship between amphibians and a healthy aquatic environment.  

    DESCRIPTION:  Games and demonstrations help us explore the "what, why and what's happening" of wetlands.  Students will participate in hands-on activities in order to understand the importance bioindicators and clean water.

    TARGET AGE:  K-4th


    GOAL:  Give students an understanding of the importance of decomposition in their lives. Be exposed to the complex bio-system of life within a compost pile.

    DESCRIPTION:  Using a worm compost bin, students do their own microscopic study to identify and quantify the organisms living in the vermiculture.

    TARGET AGE:  1st & up

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