Outreach and Special Programs

The Enviromobile and the Environmental Education Center provide environmental education experiences as well as special programs throughout the year!



Registration for the 2019 Capathon is closed.  Please check back in January 2020 for Capathon 8.    


Student groups can register for our 7th CAP-A-THON beginning Monday, March 4th.  Registration remains open until March 15th or until we reach this year’s MAXIMUM of 15 participating groups!


Registration will take place IN-PERSON at LCSWMD’s main office at the Environmental Education Center located at 2405 Calumet Avenue in Hammond. 


Any participating group MUST send an adult representative to a mandatory CAP-A-THON meeting which will take place on Monday, March 18th from 10am-11am.  Without representation at this meeting your registration WILL BE FORFEITED.


Student teams are responsible for their own promoting, collecting, sorting and storing of the caps until the designated drop off day in June 2019.  Bags of caps need to be screened carefully to be sure they are free of metal and other foreign objects. 

These #2, #4 and #5 plastic caps ARE recyclable through your local programs (if left on bottles) but your recycling efforts, through this caps-to-benches program, inspire us as we continue to invite our Lake County citizens to join us in a journey to zero waste! 


Any ONE group is eligible to win ONE bench and should collect NO MORE THAN 200LBS!  Please direct any inquiries to Angela Goodson at (219) 853-2420 or agoodson@lcswmd.com



**NEW FOR 2019**


Green Tree Plastics has communicated to us that this program is a program for KIDS!  While adults are able to facilitate and mentor for students, the children MUST be involved in organizing the event and also the collecting and sorting of caps.  This year, Green Tree is asking us for picture proof, so be sure to document student efforts all along the way. 


We are collecting ONLY plastic caps, no lids! 


CAPS DROP-OFF DAY will be Monday, June 17th .


BENCH PICK UP DAY will be Wednesday, June 19th



Trout In The Classroom (TIC)

The 2019-2020 school year marks the 12th anniversary of TIC! Our clean water trout in the classroom program will continue as a traveling program! Each school year we will select a new school to host our 39-gallon fish tank and raise Rainbow Trout from egg to fry!

Beginning April 2019, you can click here to fill out an application to become a host school or classroom!  LCSWMD educators provide tank set up and troubleshooting, student training & hands-on programming along with other resources while you care for the tank and young Rainbow Trout from September through May. 

YOU create your classroom’s / school’s unique experience. The Lake County Solid Waste Management District sponsors the program and provides the tank supplies, fish eggs, educational and technical support.





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