Leaf Collection Program

Leaf Vac Collection for 2019 has ended.  

Leaf Vac Collection for unincorporated areas of Lake County, Indiana will resume on October 28, 2019 and run through December 6, 2019. 


Guidelines for Curbside Leaf Collection

  • Avoid putting leaf piles around obstacles such as vehicles,mailboxes, power lines, guide wires, utility poles and sign posts.  Leaf piles will not be collected until relocated. 
  • Avoid placing leaf piles at least 30 feet from major intersections. 
  • Place leaf piles along the curb within three (3) feet of the street (do not place leaves in the street) and keep piles short in length.  Make piles high rather than long whenever possible. 
  • Avoid putting leaf piles in a ditch or on a curb with running or standing water. 
  • Leaf piles must be free of branches, grass clippings, garbage, rocks or any other foreign objects or chemicals. 
  • Residents should note that although best efforts will be made to remain on schedule, weather conditions and leaf volumes may affect pick up

Please call or text PBS Enterprises AFTER October 28, 2019 at (219) 798-5338 with any questions. 

You may contact the LCSWMD at (219) 853-2420 prior to October 28, 2019 with any questions. 


2019 Leaf Collection Schedule


***Our schedule is very dependent on the weather and schedule may vary due to weather conditions.  To avoid being missed, please keep leaves raked at the curb as the leaf vac may be in your area on days other than your scheduled day. All leaves should be raked and at the curb by 7 am.  


**East of Whitcomb will be picked up on Tuesdays.  West of Whitcomb will be picked up on Thursdays. 

Ridge Road-North
53rd Ave-South
Colfax Ave-West
Harrison St. North to 47th Avenue, West to Grant St., North to Ridge Road East
Area 2:  SCHERERVILLE HEIGHTS (Wednesdays)
Town of Schererville Corporate Line-North
93rd Ave-South
Cline Ave-West
Burr Street-East
Collection area includes:
St. John Twp off of Parish/Austin & 85 (by Lake Hills FD)
St. John Twp off of W. 85th St (13005), Kristopher, Fair Oak, W 86Pl, Jacobson (Dyer)
105th Place/Hanley Street-North
West 125th Ave-South
Fathke Road/Burr Street/Bell Street-West
Crown Point Corporate Line-East
Collection area includes:
Center Twp. off of 105-104 St. N to 105 S to Noble St. W to Jennings St. E (Crown Point)
Center Twp. off of Burr-W 122nd Ave/W122 Pl/Tompkins St. Subdivision Plan (Crown Point)
Center Twp. 101st Street (Crown Point)
153rd Ave-North
W. Main Street-South
Colfax Street-West
Clark Street-East
Collection area includes:
Center Twp off of 55 129th St/N to 132nd Pl/S to Tyler St./W to Monroe St. -E (Windgate)
Center Twp off of 55 & 124 Pl-Buchman/Van Buren St. (Holiday Creek Subdivision-Crown Point)
Center Twp off of 55 130th Pl to Filmore St. -E 129st N to W132nd Ln-S
Center Twp-  Greenview Drive and Greenview Place (Crown Point) 
Center Twp off of Grant St. 
Area 5:  PINE RIDGE LAKES (Fridays)
Fairbanks Court-North
117th Avenue-South
Bell Place-West
Fairbanks Place-East
Collection area includes:
Center Twp off of 117th/113th Ct./north/117th South/Stevenson St./E/W (Beaver Dam subdivision)
Center Twp off of Court St/Marshall-130 St. W (12988 Taney St.) (Crown Point)
Center Twp off of 133rd-Jennings Subdivision (Crown Point)
Center Twp off of 133rd St. (Crown Point)
Center Twp off of 130 block of Marshall Street (Crown Point)
Center Twp- Lee St. to 121st off of 117th & 118th St. (Crown Point)
Center Twp-Cline Ave. 
Area 6:  UNINCORPORATED HOBART TOWNSHIP (either Tuesdays or Thursdays)
East 31st Ave-North
East 34th Place-South
North Lake Park Ave-West
Laporte Street-East
Area 7:  UNINCORPORATED DYER (Wednesdays or Fridays)
85th Place-North
93rd Ave.-South
Up to/Not including Sheffield Ave-West
Beall Street-East
Collection area includes:
St. John Twp off of 41-78th Pl-north to 80th Ct. South to Ontario St. -East (St. John)
St. John Twp off of Sheffield-91st/Robinson St/Moraine St. (8975) (Dyer)
St. John Twp off of 81st-Columbia Ave. (8298) (Dyer)
St. John Twp off of W 77th Ave/Ruth St Subdivision (13105) (Dyer)




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