Each District program accepts different types of materials.  Please see the District Services drop down menu for a detailed description of services and accepted materials.  For example, please see the Latex Paint Recycling page for detailed information on acceptable latex paint. 

APPLIANCE RECYCLING:  Some communities may offer appliance recycling for its residentsNot every community offers this service.  Residents should call the number provided for more information.  Residents (including unincorporated areas) can also call Metro Recycling @ (219) 922-1830 for additional recycling options. Please call (219) 853-2420 for additional scrap metal recyclers.

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE:  Household Hazardous Waste materials (such as oil based paint and stains, fertilizers, gasoline, pesticides, etc.) should be brought to one of our collections.  Please click here for a list of acceptable items.  Collections resume in April 2018.

LEAF DROP OFF FOR UNINCORPORATED RESIDENTS:  Click here for more information.


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