Teacher Responsibility During Programs

Planning a Successful Field Trip

Please review the following information before scheduling your field trip to the Environmental Education Center:

  • This facility (because of size limitations) can support a maximum of 60 students at a time. It is possible to bring an entire grade level over a 2-3 day period if necessary.
  • Please bring a suitable number of chaperones for the size of your class (generally 2-3, not including instructional aides or teachers). Please contact us with any questions.
  • Behavior Expectations- this is a learning environment, and we expect students to behave accordingly. Please discuss appropriate behavior expectations with your class before arrival. Should behavior issues arise, it will be the responsibility of the teacher. LCSWMD staff cannot be responsible for student discipline and reserves the right to terminate a program at any time if student discipline becomes a problem. 
  • Please be prepared to deal with any medical emergencies that may arise for your students.
  • Students/chaperones are responsible for any items they choose to bring. Our doors are closed and locked to the public during all scheduled field trips.
  • If possible, students are encouraged to bring a zero-waste lunch (a sack lunch which generates no waste at the conclusion).



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