Latex Paint Recycling

Lake County, IN residents can recycle usable latex paint through the Hobart City Barns Latex Paint Recycling Program.  The accepted latex paint is re-blended and offered to the public for purchase. 



Acceptable latex paint:

• Gallon cans more than half full
• Obvious sloshing sound of liquid inside
• Lid properly secured
• Cans not corroded/rusted

Unacceptable latex paint:

• Latex stains
• Cans are smaller than one gallon
• Gallon cans are less than half full
• Cans are corroded/rusty
• Rattle noises heard when shaken
• Paint sitting longer than one year
• Paint was stored in unheated areas, like garages or sheds, over winter or paint that was obviously frozen
* * * If it's not usable, and you wouldn't use it even if you could, do not bring it to this Hobart facility. 
Please properly dry out and discard in your curbside trash. * * *

Latex paint can safely be thrown in the trash when:

1. The paint is dried.
2. The lid of the paint can remains off and thrown away separately.

In order to dry out your unwanted latex paint, leave the lid off of the cans if they are less than half full. If the cans are mostly full, you may need to pour some of the paint into another container to decrease drying time. In addition, stirring in non-clumping cat litter, dirt, or inexpensive paint drying products that you can purchase at home improvement stores will expedite the drying process.

Video on how to dry out latex paint

Facility Location:

Hobart City Barns
340 S. Shelby Street
Hobart, IN
Mon-Fri: 7:00 am - 2:45 pm
Sat.: 8:00 am - 11:45 am

Any questions please call Hobart City Barns at (219) 942-6121





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