ReUZ Room

The ReUZ Room OPEN!  Please call Angela or Racine at (219) 853-2420 to make an appointment or email for more information.  

ReUZ Room's Acceptable Donations List


Need metal pop tabs, plastic caps, 20 cereal boxes, or 300 puzzle pieces? Visit the ReUZ Room! Free supplies are available to non-profit organizations such as teachers, schools, scout groups and church groups as well as individuals and families that are not a part of any organization.

Shoeboxes, buttons, used crayons, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, gift wrap and yarn are just a few of the reusable items accepted as donations and made available to you! Before you leave the ReUZ Room, your bags of reusables are weighed and a record is kept of the pounds of trash diverted from landfills!

If you are looking to donate an item that we do not accept, check out

ReUZ Room Hours

Monday-Thursday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (by appointment only).  


How to Donate to The ReUZ Room

If you are donating:

ReUZ Room's Acceptable Donations List

BE PREPARED to spend a few minutes PRE-SORTING your donations. Glass and small items, especially, must be removed from your bags before leaving.  Please be sure no garbage is mixed in with your donations. 

TIP: To make your trip quick and efficient it is recommended to sort items in your bags at home (i.e. stacking items that are stackable, keeping all paper items together, break down cereal boxes, etc.). Sorting items helps reduce the time spent on pre-sorting once you get to the ReUZ Room, it also helps staff keep up with the daily influx of great donations and helps staff ensure the ReUZ Room will always be organized and clean.

REMEMBER: ONLY CLEAN, REUSABLE ITEMS CAN BE ACCEPTED. Items that have not been washed will be returned to you.


WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT felt & fabric from SMOKE-FREE / PET-FREE homes.

Please refrain from donating items that are not on our list.

While it is nice to continue to make use of old things, we simply do not have the space to hold or the staff to organize everything that is donated.

LCSWMD Staff can provide you with additional donation options

If You Want to Take Items from the ReUZ Room

Taking items: Visitors interesting in taking items from the ReUZ Room are free to do so at no charge. We have plastic and paper bags available for patrons to bag up their materials to take home with them. There is no limit as to what you can take, we just ask that you take the amount you will use, you can always return extras back to the ReUZ Room.

Weighing items: After you have collected all the items you wish to take home with you, we ask that you weigh your items on our scale and record the weight on our “sign out sheet” so we can properly keep track of how many pounds of materials are being diverted from the landfill and back into circulation.

**If the ReUZ Room does not have what you are looking for, don’t fret, maybe you can find it on our new “ReUZ Roomers” bulletin board located inside the ReUZ Room. Also, if you have items that aren’t necessarily appropriate to donate to the ReUZ Room (items that are not on our list) but are still in good condition, our bulletin board may be able to direct you to a better suited organization that also takes donations.

REMEMBER: If you have any questions regarding the ReUZ Room please call us at (219) 853-2420


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